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Authentication print solution

SmartSESAME SecurePrint !

Proven track record of 70,000
licenses employed by 600 companies Security and convenience in your office. Drastic changes in MFP use scenes.

SmartSESAME SecurePrint ! is an authentication print platform service that supports multiple manufacturers.


Introduction SmartSESAME SecurePrint !

SmartSESAME SecurePrint !

Multiple manufacturers supported

- Authentication print that supports any MFP and printer of any model and manufacturer is achieved.
Printing methods are unified even in a multi-manufacturer environment. Freed from vendor lock-in, print management costs are reduced.

* Pull Printing is available regardless of any manufacturer.
* There is no need to replace client PC drivers when replacing MFP or printer models. When choosing new models in the future, manufacturers are no longer factored into the decision. Choose any model based on functions, performance, costs, and other factors.


Robust security


- Printed only after authentication (using IC cards/bio-
metric authentication, etc.)

Only you can pick up your printouts. This can prevent im-
portant documents or meeting handouts for your clients from being mixed with other printouts.

- Collection and management of print job logs

Print job logs can be collected regardless of MFP and printer manufacturers.

Summary of print logs

DocumentsGroup NameUser NamePrinter NameMachineDate and TimeNumber of sheet
XXcontract.docSalesTanaka IchiroCANONPC012015/02/01 09:0030
accountingJohn GrishamKonicaMinoltaPC022015/02/20 14:305

- Printing from MFPs and printers that are not managed is prohibited

All MFPs and printers are managed under SecurePrint !, prohibiting printing from MFPs and printers that are not registered as management targets.

List of printers


Various printing methods

Three kinds of styles of printing depending on a use.

Pull Printing

Print from any printer that is managed with IC card authentication print, regardless of the printer manufacturer.

Push Printing

Specify a printer to print with IC card authentication print.

Log-Only Printing

This function enables users to only obtain printer output result logs without authentication print using IC cards.


Paperless operations supported

- Misprints can be cancelled from PCs

The automatic deletion function reduces waste of paper due to accidents such as forgetting to pick up documents.
*An unified application of printing policies prevents unnecessary color printing.
(The following options can be set: Color/Black and white, 1-sided/2-sided, Page layout, Toner save)

Prnting Sample

Prnting Sample

Print policies screen in the management tool

Print policies screen in the management tool





- Printouts can be reduced once introduced

Users can select and cancel print jobs that are wrongly sent. Only necessary documents are printed, reducing waste of printouts.


- Jobs that remain unprinted for a long time can automatically be cancelled

If authentication is not performed within a set period of time, print jobs are automatically deleted. This eliminates printouts that are left unattended due to the user forgetting to pick up documents from the printer.
*The setting ranges from "Do not set" to "72 hours".

Thin client

Thin client image

- Authentication print in a thin client

Virtual PC, terminal server, or another thin client type can be selected.

- Flexible support regardless of introduction scale and environment

Available even in an environment where thin and fat clients coexist.

- Simple and quick output (when using Pull Printing)

A connection point for users is automatically judged and print data is uploaded to the closest server to the connection point, allowing quick output.

MFP Sync

- Printing, copying, faxing, and scanning are fully managed

Printing, copying, faxing, and scanning can be controlled with a manufacturer IC card reader thanks to linkage with the
manufacturer MFP authentication system.
* Finisher settings can be changed on the MFP panel.

- Unified panel operation is achieved

Users can operate the MFP panel using the same screen layout.

MFP Sync image

User Cases

- Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


- SmartSESAME SecurePrint ! (product catalog)
SmartSESAME SecurePrint ! brochure(2015.04UP)